Spreading the Love.

A Word From Our Clients

I’ve been in the personal development industry for decades. Once in a while, you see somebody that shines bright above the others, because of their integrity, skill, and ability to create profound outcomes in people. Kelly Bazzani is one of those individuals

-Jim Lutes

“Kelly is not just any life coach; she is a rare find. Kelly is compassionate, honest and incredibly intuitive. She is so full of energy, and commitment for the work she is doing, that you can’t help but to get caught up in the passion. When I went to see Kelly, I had reached a point in my life where I was just walking through life rather than living it. Through her coaching and support, I have been able to get back to my core values and am finding the courage to take back my life and live it. I have found happiness in reconnecting with friends and family and found the joy in simple things life has to offer such as laughter. My journey is just beginning but there is no one else I would trust to coach me through my journey than Kelly.”

Maria, El Dorado Hills, CA

“For the first time I have been validated for being the person I am. It’s given me so much confidence in the person I am today! Having the understanding of who I am and why, has helped me handle and face situations I was always afraid of. It’s helped me take the paths in life to become the successful person I’ve always wanted to be.”

Denise, Elverta, CA

I’ve had the honor of knowing Kelly for more than 20 years and can say with utmost confidence that her commitment to excellence is unwavering.  She is loyal, trustworthy, and chases her passion with unrivaled intensity.  Her boundless energy and authenticity light up every space she enters.  The epitome of resilient, Kelly is a distinguished coach on a mission to share her knowledge and skill in this rapidly evolving world, where resilience is truly the key to optimal health and wellbeing for all humankind.

– Dr. Megan Engbring, DNP, FNP-C

I have been seeing Kelly for over 7 months now. Since I started with her, I have learned to love and value myself, gain confidence and stretch myself out of my comfort zone. Kelly is so passionate about her profession. It shows through her knowledge, compassion and heart felt understanding!

— Renee, Grass Valley, CA

“Coaching we received at Resilience helped save our marriage. We learned tools and strategies to improve our communication, understanding, and ability to set goals and boundaries. We look forward to continued growth and a peace filled future. #teamBazzani for life!”

Carina & Maurice, Clear Lake, CA

“When I came to see Kelly, I felt hopeless. I had lost interest in life and all the things that mattered most to me. Through Kelly’s coaching and guidance, I have found myself again. I have pursued and obtained my GED and now started college and started a career in Graphic Design! I have successfully had top surgery! I have transitioned jobs with ease and little to no stress! I now rent my own apartment with my husband and pets which was one of my main SMART goals! I have learned and truly absorbed real life skills and no longer emotionally suppress how I feel! I am actively pursuing my career field in Graphic Design because it is my passion and I love it as a result of loving myself! I am actually living life for once as opposed to merely surviving! I am now thriving! Thank you Kelly! I am truly grateful to you for coaching me and being my guide!”

Jackson, Citrus Heights, CA

“Through Kelly’s coaching we have seen an ongoing transformation of our daughter. She has the confidence to improve her relationships. She now sees her future as a positive vision that she can attain. The relationship with our daughter has expanded and improved remarkably over the last year. We are grateful for all that Kelly has done for us.”

Adam, Camden, NC

“With the fear of doing something wrong as a parent, I came to Kelly for guidance with my daughter. Not only has she helped my daughter heal, she has helped me remember how strong the love of family can be. My family is on a great road to bonding and building life long memories together. The encouragement, frankness and sincerity from Kelly has been priceless and will be a permanent presence in our lives.”

Tina, Camden, NC

“I have been working with Kelly for over 2 years now. For anyone seeking to create a more resilient future for themselves with a solid internal foundation, I could not recommend Kelly more.

As we have worked together, she has been by my side during incredibly difficult personal and professional challenges. With her compassionate guidance, I have built the tools and skills for my own resilient footing to weather these storms more easily. Working with Kelly is never easy–I have laughed, cried, and had moments when I have had to take accountability for my own behaviours. But even in my darkest moments, Kelly’s light has led me to a better future.”

— CJ, Sacramento, CA

“I am a veteran with over 22 years of service to our country. While I have not seen what others may have seen with battle, I still have my own scars. I was honestly tired of being tired and with the encouragement/pushing of my wife I reached out to Kelly. I have worked with Kelly for just over a year and during this time I have felt myself change in ways I didn’t know I could. I have felt better than ever mentally, and my family life and work life have improved so much. I am still learning how to love myself and step out of my comfort zone, even if it’s a small step. I keep working on trying to grow daily. Kelly has a no B.S. style and one of the many things I appreciate about her is that she is not always clinical. The only other thing that I can say is Thank You from the bottom of my heart I am forever grateful.”

— Mike, Lincoln, CA

“With Kelly’s guidance, support, and encouragement I feel like I’m living from within myself for the first time. I’m aligned with my values, have set healthy boundaries and navigated my challenges with self compassion. It’s an inner freedom I’ve never experienced and that I will never let go of. I know my worth and stand in my power with brevity and courage. Practicing self care and self love with what Kellys coaching has taught me, is bringing me closer to myself and the people I love. Being in touch with all the versions of myself, I can now feel what it really means to give and receive love from life. Brilliance is resilience.”

— Lisa, Sacramento, CA

“My sessions with Kelly have helped me regain control of my life. Her approach, directness, and passion for empowering others has truly been such a gift. The work is sometimes hard, but through our sessions and with her provided tools, I am seeing the rewards and have come to realize that I alone am the director of my life.”

Steven, Sacramento, CA

“Resilience coaching makes me feel great every time I leave a meeting. It’s really helped me with conflicts both within myself and with other people and I always feel heard, something I truly value. Kelly is a wonderful listener and helps me work through strong emotions.”

-Ian, Rocklin, CA, 7th Grade

“Kelly has helped me learn about bullying and what it looks like. She also told me how to stop bullying and that’s why she is amazing and the best coach for all ages.”

-Maisy, Rocklin, CA, 5th Grade

“Kelly has been coaching me for four years now and she is the best coach I have ever known. She listens to you, understands you, and the best of all doesn’t judge you. She helps you through your hardest moments in life and helps you get through it the easiest way possible. She teaches ways of resilience and to be the best that you can always be. That is the way of Resilience.”

-Alana, Rocklin, CA, 7th Grade

“Kelly is fantastic. My 14 year old son and I have been working with her for more than a year.  Her dedication to her clients and her wealth of knowledge and experience make her a powerful force to have on our team.  She has connected with my son in ways no one else has been able to achieve.  She has guided me towards inner growth that is benefiting my relationships, both of my businesses and my overall
well-being. I am so very grateful for Kelly’s talented coaching.”

-Heather, La Crosse, WI

“Kelly has been my coach for over five years. She is a blessing and has helped me navigate several twists and turns on the road of life. Whenever I feel hopeless I know Kelly will help me find my ‘True North’ to get me where I need to go.”

-Danny, Rocklin, CA

“Kelly’s approach to coaching overflows with empathy, compassion, and consistency. Her guidance over the past few years has helped me find my voice and live a life of my own creation. Without a doubt, the person I am today is a clear reflection of her coaching, as I am a more grounded, aware, and present being than I was before.  My growth continues and I’m eternally grateful to Kelly and her commitment to the well being of others.”

-Megan, Rocklin, CA