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Becka Hood

My Journey to Personal Resilience

Hi, I’m Becka Hood!
What an honor and a joy it is to introduce myself to you!
I’m an ICF Certified Master Life Coach with a 20 year background as a Certified Substance Use Disorder Counselor. I also completed a Certified Herbal Apprenticeship Program over eight years ago and I really thrive when making herbal remedies for others.
I truly love combining my knowledge and life experience to mentor and support others on their path to a healthy, fulfilling life and have been doing so for 22 years.

When I say that I have experience, I’m speaking from the perspective of having a childhood that was full of trauma and a young adult life that was hugely lacking in healthy coping skills.

I was raised by an alcoholic mother who wasn’t emotionally prepared to parent. She had never dealt with her own childhood abuse and she missed the signs when it was happening to me. The abuse I experienced for the majority of my young life led me to start using alcohol and other substances at a very early age. I didn’t have healthy coping strategies back then, so I utilized the same mechanisms that I had seen used by the adults in my life.

I became pregnant as a teenager and really tried  to turn my life around for the sake of my unborn baby. By the time I turned 23, I was married; had two children; and was expecting a third. This was a seven year period in my life where motherhood was my coping strategy and my use of substances had drastically declined. My third and final pregnancy was high risk and in my 26th week I went into labor. I delivered our daughter without my husband present. The stressors of life had taken their toll on him and he had chosen to be somewhere else using drugs. Our daughter was not able to sustain life and leaving the hospital without her was one of the hardest days of my life. Six weeks later, I took my two kids and left my marriage. I also left behind any attempts at sobriety.  I was 24 years old and knew no healthy way to express my grief and emotional pain.

I sunk into the depths of despair. Still, I struggled to hide it all from my children just as my mother had tried to hide it from me.
Over the next decade and a half, my life would become unbearable and unmanageable. This relentless 15 year nightmare of alcohol and drug use, arrests and incarceration, and a second failed marriage culminated in the loss of custody of my second born child and a very strained  relationship with my firstborn child.

Then in July 2001 at a campground in the Nevada desert, I had what is called a “moment of clarity.” I felt the presence of a higher power in my life. I reached out and asked for help. That was 22 years ago and I haven’t found it necessary to use substances to change the way I feel since then. In my over 20 year career as a substance use disorder counselor, I have been blessed to work with countless incredible souls. From mothers in recovery; to teenagers in school programs and outpatient programs; all the way to adult offenders facing prison terms, I have been absolutely privileged to serve my community in this field. Adding my Herbalist Certification in 2015 has enriched my life and the lives of those I serve in such a conscious and profound way.

I am grateful for all of my experiences because they have led me here to you today, leading a life of joy and resilience. As an empowerment coach, how can I support you in finding this joyous resilience with me?


My Journey to Personal Resilience

Hello, I am a certified Activation Life Coach with a Master’s Degree in Social Work and over 20 years of experience in human services. I am heart-centered and trauma-informed, operating holistically both within my client’s mental, emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual realms and my own.

My journey includes the death and loss of loved ones, including my father’s suicide when I was five and the loss of my son in a car accident over eight years ago. Additionally, I have had a lifelong journey with depression and anxiety, including a 51/50 due to suicidal ideation. However, through the support of my connection to sources, mentors, therapists, and more, I have been able to grow, change, heal, and transform into who I am today.

Anastacia Maximum Resilience Coaching

I am proud to say that I have been sober for over 11 years after seeking AA when my life was falling apart. My relationships with others are now based on honesty, appropriate boundaries, compassion, and trust. I am now on the path of my heart’s desire. I am most grateful for my life journey and who I have become, which allows me to support other travelers.

As a bisexual woman, I am passionate about supporting women (including folx that identify as women) to connect with their power, authenticity, and a genuine sense of self to develop their life and well-being according to their true heart’s desire.

My clients have acknowledged and shared that I am compassionate, empathetic, honest, intelligent, brave, powerful, dedicated, truehearted, patient, and humble. I am also described as empowering, able to hold space, gentle, funny, non-judgmental, loyal, spiritual, and appreciative. I look forward to supporting you to activate your greatest and highest good.

Haidee Maximum Resilience Coaching

Haidee Reyes

My Journey to Personal Resilience

Hello, my name is Haidee Reyes,

After a heartbreaking divorce, the traumatic death of my mother and many years of family therapy, I moved from the Bay Area to Nevada City, CA with my three young children and one on the way. It was 1999 when we began our life in Nevada County, and I began my Real Estate career shortly after.

As an established Real Estate agent since 2003, I discovered how much I loved bringing people along for the journey; through personal career coaching, mentoring, and training, which I have now been doing for 10+ years as a part of my Real Estate Career. A common pattern of those I mentored always boiled down to this: they just needed someone to believe in them. We learn tools, language and ask questions, but I have always found that as humans, we just need someone to believe in us, listen to us, hold us accountable, and encourage us.

I’ve been able to help people because of my ability to openly relate to others on a very deep level. This is based on my own experiences with heartache, parenting, pain, alcoholism, addiction, depression, divorce, death, and failure. My best tools to Uncover, Discover, and Discard have come from living a sober life now for over 36 years. I am active in my own recovery and sponsor other women as well.

When I was a child, my mother suffered from clinical depression, leaving her nearly immobile. My parents separated, and my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, receiving multiple surgeries and chemotherapy throughout my teenage years. I am the middle child of 5 children, the eldest daughter; and in the midst of the dysfunctionality and my mother’s depression and cancer, I became hyper responsible for the family.

I picked up my first cigarette at 12 years old, the same day I had my first drink. I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident as an intoxicated passenger at 15, leaving me hospitalized for 10 weeks. At 19, while driving under the influence, I was pulled over in San Francisco, going the wrong way down a one-way street.

At 22 years old, I walked into the rooms of a 12-step program and was faced with my demons. My first few years in sobriety were some of the best and some of the worst. I got married to my first husband. I had my first child. I lost my dad to cancer. I was faced with a heartbreaking situation that left me a full-time single mom to my three kids. I lost my mom to suicide. I know: broken, confused, angry, crying out to God on the back-deck desperate.

I have a heart for helping people and it is a joy to watch transformation in the lives of others; as they begin utilizing values of authenticity, respect, peace, compassion, determination, excellence and freedom.

I love God as I understand God. I have been married for over 20 years and have 4 beautiful children, 2 wonderful and busy grandchildren, 3 cats, and 2 dogs. I share my time between Nevada City, California and Ruston, Louisiana, where I am currently being intentional about being a Memaw to my grandchildren.

Marcy Stoffer

My Personal Journey of Resilience

Welcome and I am excited to introduce myself! My name is Marcy Stoffer. I am a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, yoga teacher and ICF Certified Life Coach. I am grateful to share my story with the intention to guide others to find their own self-worth, self-love, and value within their own story.
My childhood is filled with abandonment and feeling unloved. I was also being raised in a family of alcoholism. Navigating manipulation, lying, gaslighting and other trauma, I grew up at a young age to help emotionally and physically support my brother and it left me feeling like I could not trust adults. Feeling not heard and that I was not allowed to have a voice created me to “fight back” constantly. Always being in fight or flight caused me anxiety and depression from my earliest memories. I turned to food for comfort and this caused weight issues for most of my life.
At the age of 18, I left and went to college in Eastern Oregon. The need for space and to ‘find’ myself was more on the forefront than college itself.

Marcy Maximum Resilience Coaching

I experienced ridden guilt with leaving my brother behind and the need to watch over my mom was a mental challenge. The freedom brought new relationships and the feeling that I could be myself for the first time in my life. I was conscious and aware this was just as addicting though and I chose not to fall into those old patterns! I made it one year before I returned back to Washington State not sure what to do. But I knew college wasn’t it. I floundered around for a couple of years In Washington until one day my dad stopped me and said “you need to go to beauty school, it’s what you have always wanted to do.” He was right. Due to his career, he was not around as much as he wanted. When he was, he was the voice of reason in our lives.

At 21, I left the nest again. I ventured to Bend Oregon with a friend to start a new life. This was the best decision I have ever made. I will be forever grateful my father helped guide me to make this decision. Finishing Cosmetology school and creating a community around me that supported who I was proved incredible. I did fall into the drinking scene while I was there. I came to the realization my 3rd year living there that I could not live like that and follow in my family’s addictions. Why was I using substances? What was I suppressing? Was it serving me? Would I end up like my mother? Around that time, I met my now husband.

I moved to Portland to be with my husband. We have 3 children together. My middle child was born extremely premature at 27 weeks. She has a lifelong medical condition that has changed our lives. Her birth created PTSD for me which was one of the best teachers I could have asked for. It guided me into therapy to face my childhood, my abandonment wounds, and now my PTSD. I am eternally grateful to my midwife, my daughter, and my therapist for this life changing experience. What I realized with all my moving and re-located in my earlier years is that, “wherever I go, there I am.” Until I made a conscious choice to face my all my underlying childhood trauma in therapy and what I had been suppressing and burying for so long to simply survive, I was unable to rise to the surface of my true being and come alive to thrive! No person, place I re-located to, or thing would have ever filled that void. I am at a point in my life now that I can now be grateful for what I have endured and overcome. At the age of 34, I was able to care for my mother and grandmother while they were both on hospice, dying of cancer, and all within the same year. It was a gift of humility and grace!

Here I am 4 years later, living in beautiful Couer d’Alene, Idaho! I am with my family, leaving my career as a hair stylist after 16 years. I am ready to help people see there is light through the darkness and find they have the answers within themselves.

I could not be more excited and grateful to be a part of the team that is Resilience!